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Besides Digital Transformation, this is what we can do for you during these post COVID-19 times

Social Distancing Management Solution

With our unique patented accurate IPS (Indoor Positioning System), Airports/Malls/Hospitals/Hotels/Super-markets/Theaters/Stadiums can Remotely monitor passengers/groups and alert those who do not maintain the norm, through notifications or other means real-time.

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Emergency Response
Management Solution

Upgraded to handle COVID-19 and pandemic situations. Integrated with thermal scanners that can read body temperature and inform the health monitoring team. Further, all other groups/customers/passengers will be guided to the nearest safe zone real- time.

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Accurate Indoor Positioning and Navigation system

Almost 90% of customer enquiries are about directions to places within terminal / malls /hospitals/ supermarkets/stadiums or large indoor spaces. With Insuide’s location engine, and accurate navigation directions, we were able to help travelers/customers get around without any human intervention.

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Conversational AI for customer support

The WiseBot

The intelligent assistant acts as a virtual guide throughout your journey in the Airport/ Malls/ Hospitals/ SuperMarkets/ Hotels/ large indoor spaces. The assistant can answer any query in the context of the locations/ functions/ utility and thereby avoid the interaction with Customer service staff.

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WiseFly’s vision is to extend functionalities across the entire air travel life cycle. Using Geospatial & location-based technologies the platform offers a rich set of functionalities.

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