Why Airports Need the WiseFly app?

Why Airports Need the WiseFly app?

Major airports –in any part of the world– are very huge and cater to millions of passengers in and around them. The airports are bustling with activity and you find passengers are on their toes to catch their respective flights.

This is where the necessity of an indoor navigation app like WiseFly comes into play.

Imagine a scenario wherein a pax Mr. Roy travelling with his family on a vacation has only half an hour to catch his flight. He and others with him are hungry and looking for some eats in food outlets at the airport before they proceed to their flight. But they don’t know what kind of food and where it will be available fast. Here, the App comes in handy.

Roy enters what he needs in the app and at the touch of his fingertips, the nearest food joint pops up. That helps him to rush to that joint for a quick bite so that they can comfortably go to their flight. The App displays the distance of the outlet from wherever he is in the terminal and also how far that outlet is located from his gate. Thus, Roy is guided precisely without any fear of getting lost and missing his flight.

This is one typical use of the App.

Airports can save their reputation from being dented by using this app and provide their passengers a memorable experience. WiseFly is a ready reckoner.

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