About Us What we do

An Indoor Navigation Solutions Company

The iNSUiDE team includes Aviation domain experts with over 40+ years experience; Software development, BI, Insights and Big Data technologies expertise spanning over 30+ years of successful project execution; Business acumen across Sales & Marketing with equal focus on Financial engineering. The Core team comes with a proven background in successful implementation of  BI, Insights, Big Data and Indoor Navigation solutions @ World Airports.


Our Mission

Enable enclosed spaces to be monitored , controlled and easily accessible without compromising on individual privacy in order to make life better for the end-users @ Airports, Hospitals, Stadiums, Theatres, Auditoriums, Malls and all enclosed spaces delivering critical services to large number of people.

Our Vision

Is to deliver best-in-class simple and scalable global solutions to make this planet a better place to live.

Our Values

  • Team comes first
  • Get your team right
  • Trust your team completely
  • Equip your team with right resources and tools