Efficiently managing and tracking your airport’s assets with WiseTrack

WiseTRACK by Insuide is a next generation Real-time assets and people tracking solution using an evolving combination of technologies that is simple, easy-to-use and scalable. WiseTRACK is an Indoor assets and people locating solution for Airports, Transportation, Healthcare, Sports, Retail, Manufacturing and most other businesses.

WiseTRACK uses a combination of technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth LE, Biometrics, Smartphone sensors, Multi-sensor, Fingerprinting, iBeacons, GPS and high-performance Cloud Services to give businesses an end-to-end indoor navigation Experience.

High-tech, Designed for your business

Precise Positioning

0.5m Accuracy Indoors,5m Accuracy Outdoors

Realtime Tracking

Smartphones, iBeacons, Contactless sensors

Custom Maps

Accurate, detailed indoor
and outdoor digital maps

Custom Maps

Accurate, detailed indoor
and outdoor digital maps


core features

Live Monitoring

Continuously view and track all
your assets in real-time

Realtime Alerts

Set up alert triggers to dispatch
resources to where they’re needed


Seamlessly track assets
moving from indoor to outdoor spaces

ID Authentication

Securely tag locations
of your on-ground staff,in and out of vehicles

Fresh Insights

Rich, location-specific
analytics to help optimise your operations

Technology Stack

for outdoor asset tracking

for proximity triggers and fallback offline positioning

Bluetooth LE tags for contact less staff authentication, or Bio-metrics for higher security

for accurate realtime indoor positioning, heading and orientation

for indoor mapping, calibration and maps production

for data aggregation, asset management, realtime alerts, operations integration and analytics