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AirlinePros & Insuide present


the most comprehensive, end-to-end airport experience platform

Unprecedented features for passengers, airports, airport tenants, and airlines

Supporting contactless travel experiences, delivering proven non-aero revenue


What Makes Our Platform So Great


Step 1

Airport Information, AI Assistant

Airport Services Management

Airline Information Navigation

Tracking and Airline Management

Employee Collaboration

Feedback Management

Proven Revenue
(Non – Aero)

Step 1

Improved margins 

Increased passenger faith in new normal

Up-sell & cross-sell opportunities

Monetization capability

Airport, Airline Assets’ management

Brand value

Passenger Experience

Step 1

End-to-end touchless, contactless journey

Wayfinding with accurate indoor positioning

Ease of access for the disabled

Instant connect for assistance

Accurate routes & wait times

Faster complaint redressal

Parking management

Powerful, customizable

Step 4

Seamless integration into existing airport app

Plug n Play Modules

On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid

Intuitive real-time

DIY flexibility

Logs with control


Step 4

Emergency Management 

Alerts via push notifications

Accurate location mapping

Faster response times

Dispute Management

Incident Management

Passenger tracking


Step 4

Location based data driven intelligence

Incident Management 

Traveler, asset, employee movement

Route & time, efficiency mapping

Tenants’ footfall

An end-to-end travel experience for YOUR passengers

> Plan and book travel

Compare, review and get best rates

> Web check-in reminder

Avoid long check in queues, schedule inflight preferences

> Reminder to head
to airport

Get live traffic updates to the airport

> Welcome to the airport

Alerts on airport regulations + other important airport/ airline info

Explore F&B and

Alerts on favorite food items, discounts for in-airport shopping

Flight Alerts, contactless
indoor navigation

Real time flight status alerts with directions to gates

Airport Feedback,
Emergency Management

Quick assessment, response 
on airport experience

Explore in-flight upgrades, facilities

Last-minute in-flight upgrades, F&B menu
+ other extras

to JFK

Transit - transfer gates or 
destination airport information

Meet and Greet

Convenient, easy to find guest services with peer to peer tracking

Last Mile

Explore, book ground
transport to final destination



  • Indoor Positioning & Navigation System
  • End-to-End Self Serviced Journey
  • M Commerce via Contactless Delivery
  • Feedback, Emergency Management System
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multilingual

KEY Outcome

- Ensure passengers have a seamless experience even with the COVID19 restrictions

- Provide airports with the tool to maintain and enforce mandated COVID19 regulations

Thousands Of Passengers Are Using Our Platform.
What about yours?

The only platform to provide airports, airlines the ability to manage the passenger, and provide the passenger the ability to manage their experience

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