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What does Digital Transformation mean to you and your organization?

Real-time Data

Our Technology stack ensures companies receive business critical information/data related to their end-users, customers and stakeholders real-time. A real-time data focus ensures the company can use data and analytics to make informed decisions, enhance business processes, and understand customer behaviors.

Business Processes

The inherent business rules of a typical digital economy and market is already part of the deep-tech landscape of our solution stack. The business processes automatically gets aligned to the business model that is unique to respective industry and company vision.

Customer Experience

Our application module integrated with the company’s software solution ensures a seamless heightened customer experience resulting in major positive shifts in ASQ scores, Customer retention, Customer loyalty and new Customer acquisitions. The Customer is meaningfully engaged and NOT constantly!

Conversational AI for customer support

Optimize operations

Our technology stack ensures Empowerment of Employees, with timely information and improved tools to better execute their responsibilities AND OPTIMIZE RESOURCES. Both these pillars (Customer Experience & Employee Empowerment) help drive enhanced business outcomes, that is the hallmark of the Digital Transformation concept.


Deep-tech solutions are key to enhancing customer satisfaction and
resource optimization.

Our Technology

stack includes a unique framework and algorithm that seamlessly integrates smart phone features with augmented reality solutions, indoor navigation using earth’s magnetic fields and proximity technologies for push notifications and advertisement. We use multiple technologies and tools including all the popular ones currently in practice. Our technology vision is to eliminate tool and hardware dependencies which we believe we should achieve shortly through our sustained R&D efforts.


USP is our futuristic technology application in collaboration with the best minds from institutions like IIT in India, Technologists from EU region and R & D from Finland. Another key factor is our domain focus and user experience (UI/UX) design emphasis; which makes our solution industry relevant, intuitive and easy to use. And before we forget, our accuracy range is absolute and within a metre.

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