Indoor Navigation, User Experience & Proximity Advertising for Malls

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About WiseMall

WiseMall is a complete solution to mall owners, store owners and mall visitors,
this product is the future of interactive mall marketing with the following
features for each stakeholder

  • Mall Owners : Will now have ownership of a host of statistical data on visitors to the mall. They will also have a regular source of income from store owners using this app to promote brands.
  • Store Owners : With the ability of pushing personalized live messages to walk-ins, the app can ensure a store never loses a genuine customer
  • Mall Visitor :Will save time locating a store in the mall, will be able to receive customized offers and discounts from brands in the store, all within one specialized Mobile App offering a seamless User Experience

Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented Reality Mall – Customers can now look around the mall through their handheld camera view and see augmented information



Advertise the app heavily As soon as prospects walk-in

Brands pay a monthly rental

for proximity based targeted advertising for – SALE / DISCOUNTS / OFFERS to prospects converting a Prospect to a Customer

Mall Promotions

Mall can push messages to the customer even when The customer is not in the Mall. The app can see a pattern in shopping and select targeted ads or push generic messages for Annual Sale etc.

Monetary Benefit

The Mall can charge Brands a monthly rental fee to advertise on the application promoting relevant offers and discounts to the customer. It benefits the store owner, as he gets more visitors and builds loyalty.

Customer Knowledge

The app provides Reports (daily / weekly / monthly on engagement pattern) In-depth analytics about visitor information, browsing patterns, traffic patterns and engagement period.

Increase Traffic and Visitor’s Loyalty

An immersive and engaging experience assures repeat visits

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